The newest photo booth addition – sleek and sexy!

I’m so excited to share pictures of our newest photo booth with you! This unit is very different in size and shape but is packed with the same excellent quality electronics and parts as our other booth. There is a monitor where you can see yourself during the photo session. It has a built in flash so you know your pictures will be crisp and clear. The touchscreen allows you to choose color or black & white pictures. It can be run as an open air style booth but can also be placed in an enclosure for the same enclosed booth look. The footprint takes up very little space. And it can easily tilt up and down for tall and small guests. If you have any questions about this new booth and set-up please get in touch.  These pictures are from the Georgia Museum of Art’s An Elegant Salute to Georgia / Get Your Pucci On event.  We’ll be posting more pictures soon!

IMG_4441a IMG_4446a IMG_4440a IMG_4445a IMG_4449a